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What makes B2Be'smoothie?

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Did you know baby greens pack more of a punch?

Higher in antioxidants, flavor and sheer leafy cuteness. Baby greens are the greens to eat and put in your smoothies B2Bes!

Especially when taking baby steps to eat more healthier, feel more energized, save time and digestion for on the go meals or just look more super “influencer”, fancy or bougie 😂

Below is the smoothie that got this B2Be through creating, launching a food/lifestyle blog last year!

1. Processor, magic bullet or local fully stocked smoothie shop

(Stay tuned 4 where to get yummy smoothies Brooklyn2Bayonne;)

2. Any base you desire B2Bes!

-Some days I love a 1/2 cold 🍌🍌🍌 and/or flash frozen fruit other days some leftover cold mushy oatmeal, hotter days I grab lots of frothy inducing ice cubes or a cold avocado 🥑 and on extra busy days a smaller combo of some or all. 😋

3. 💚Baby GREENS Baby!💚

-Baby kale, baby spinach, baby water cress, organic triple washed boxed versions of each mentioned above ooooh and baby beets!



-This B2Be loves using cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, clove, depending on smoothie and always ginger


-Fresh cilantro, parsley, ginger root piece, fresh mint or dried spice versions of them. For that extra punch in flavor and antioxidants

6. Liquids 💦

-Cold filtered water, milk, almond milk, coconut milk, yogurt, vegan yogurt, oat milk, cold iced tea; basically any🥛🍵🍨healthy/hydrating liquid of your choice b2bes!

7. Blend, pour (using boomerang perhaps:) and ENJOY babes! 🥤

{The BEST part about it is you can change up 1-7 as long as you use lefty protein and antioxidan rich greens and those greens are BABY /micro greens!}

For more on smoothies:⤵️😋🥤

Wishing you a SMOOTHie day ahead!


B2Be's MahJ


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