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Hot x12 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

In bRINGING in the new festive month of December aka last month to resolve the far fetched New Years Resolution.

B2BesBlock presents:

12 Days of Cleansing and Giving DONATION!

Okay that sounds descriptively boring


B2BesBlock 12 Days of Donation!

(goodness, that sounds boring as well tho filled with goodness)

Last try, third time is the charm!

(horns please)

B2BesBlock Presents:

Our first 12 Days of #HOTChocolate! Nailed it!

That is the one! It got pizzazz (OMG PIZZA) Focus babe...


To go through a 12 rooms cleanup & DONATE goods from each room in minimizing, cleansing and making a #Giving difference then treating ourselves with a DONATED hot cocoa for 12 days of #PayingItFoward Merriment at some of B2bes fav cafes from Brooklyn2Bayonne and some new gems to add to our #CommuniEATS

Day 1: Raspberry Hot Mocha (Grace&Coffee NYC)

Day 2: Disney's Frozen Hot Chocolate (Bayonne Eats)

Day 3: *B2Be's Signature*Hot CHIAcolaTe* (BK)

Day 4: French Hot Cocoa (La Branche Bistro, Bayonne)

Day 5: Vogue Hot Cocoa (Vogue Cafe, NJ)

Day 6: Nury’s🧁Hot Cocoa (Nury’s Cakes, Bayonne)

Day 7: Lighthouse Diner (Bayonne)

*MahJ will be merrily PERFORMING Xmas classics for an inspiring Toy Drive*Charity Dance party @EstateEntertainment•Dance Studios (Bayonne)

Day 8: Guatemalan Hot Coca (Tortilla Bite Grill, Bayonne)

Day 9: Alcapulco Plaza (Bayonne)

Day 10: Triple H*C (Hendrickson's Corner, Bayonne)

Day 11:Rocky Road (Bake'n'Brew, Bayonne)

Day12: Double Yum Hot Cocoa (Double Batch Bakery, Bayonne)

Googlemaps LINKS:



3. *B2BesBlock Hot CHIAcolaTe









HOT SPECIAL Shot out to St. Henry’s Bayonne City for your donations bins and to every scrumtpious cafe, bakery, joint that DONATED free hot chocolates for a s/t struggling always chocolate foodie•music•loving babe! Also, to every special guest who joined me to talk their inspiring purpose and passions and their enriching experience whilst sipping so hot cocoa

Created some steamy HOT yummy memories to keep me warm this Holiday Seasons.

I dedicate the jam by our late angel Aaliyah 'Hot Like Fire' and lastly to my B2Bes, inspirations, friends, familia and even stalkers•thank you for joining me in delicious hope to

*Stay-Hungry-Filled-INSPIRED!* During B2BesBlock debut of H☕️t x12!!!!!!!!!!

•12 Days of Hot Cocoa•

y HAPPY HOLIDAYS y’all! Hope it was everything and more! ☕️💚🎄


*The holidays are revered at a time of family, togetherness and giving but for some who suffer from major depression, mood disorders and or a recent loss; the holidays are a really brutal time that's even more compounded by social media cheer, substances easily to abuse due to increased merry gatherings and painful triggers.

PLEASE be kind and if you're hurting; please don't hesitate to reach out to NSPL. Someone is there to help right on the other line. <3

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline





#StayTuned for January 7th 2020 for #B2BesBlock #TeddysTuesday ais #TuesdaysAtTeddys 😋💙🇬🇷


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