MahJ (em-ah-jay) is a bonafide foodie, songwriting songstress, passionate photographer from Brooklyn NY who 

'FEAST Release Repeats' after moving to 

Bayonne from Jersey City. 

 Whether traveling out of the house, city, state or continent with her MidtownKing in chasing; wining & dining her BIG dreams... 

FOOD is the SONG she sings! 

The Experience of crEATing, sharing, cooking, capturing, writing Enriches her life more than all the bitter, unappetizing obstacles combined... 

 So, MahJ invites YOU to break bread from Brooklyn 2 Bayonne and beyond! 

 Tasting, savoring, discovering all the INSPIRING Eats, Escapades, Events, Empowering Entertainment as a DELICIOUS & NUTRITIOUS 

Enriching Experience! 

Grab a Big Plate!




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