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Welcome to B2Be's blog!

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

B2Be's for BROOKLYN2BAYONNE Eats, Events, Entertainment, Escapades, Empowerment & overall EnrichingExperience!

Join MahJ (m-ah-jay) on her journey of #satisfying her #hunger in chasing...well #wining & #dining her BIG dreams. From her home borough of Brooklyn, to the gritty streets of Manhattan into the heart of Jersey City and now in up & coming again Bayonne...

Welcome to B2Be blog!
Where it ALL began cooking...Brooklyn, NYC

With all the #delicious #sweet, #savory; sometimes #bitter, #salty #trimmings and #sides Brooklyn2Bayonne #Eats #Events #Escapades #Entertainment; is a #foodporn worthy #EXPERIENCE but also a yummy true love story...

And so it all began: In October of 2008 there was a man. A beautiful, video game and volleyball loving; tall, dark, and handsome beef cake of a man. He was born and raised in the concrete jungle of NYC.

His name was Ramy ‘MidtownKing' Abdalla. Standing tall at 6"1 weighing in at 185 lbs. this MidtownKing of a man fell madly deeply in LOVE with a music creating; photography loving foodie from Brooklyn.

(A bonafide foodie at that. One who was born hungry, cried bloody murder only when hungry; the never suck on a pacifier for no food ever flowed from it kind of hungry. She was endearingly nicknamed "the PUDGE" by her Queen Momma bear).

So, in this month of October, 10 years ago within the crowded; expensive streets of NYC; MidtownKing fell for a bonafide foodie named MahJ (m-ah-jay).

What’s a bonafide foodie you ask?

*bonafide foodie:

1.Person who with every fiber, cell and bone in their soul-carrying body; 100% lives to eat.

2.Sweetest person when fed but scariest when #hangry. Person who eats, sleeps; LIVES for their next edible escapade and/or meal. Yet knows food exist to absolutely nourish & heal.

3.Person who spends most their time thinking about food. Equally spends most of their hard earned money or that of their loved ones on FOOD; comida, cibo, akl, tabeybano

(food in Spanish, Italian, Arabic & Japanese).

So yeah, MidtownKing fell hard for his bonafide foodie MahJ...

90% of their time together when first dating was eating together. Whether sharing food, celebrating with food, romantic picnics in Central Park; they fall in love with each other over food.

Where? Mostly, the UWS (upper west side), HellsKitchen and Chinatown.

With MahJ's then beloved purple Kodak camera, she continued her photography requesting her dream of a manwich take her photo with their plate of edible happiness. Lighting up watching her light up, MidtownKing happily snapped her picture. And before chowing down, he always exclaimed: "What a BaBe!"

This babe cooked too. Head chef at her place but also a natural born singer since 4 years old, a passionate photographer since 8, a prolific poet/songwriter since 11 yet unfortunately since 5; traumatized. Luckily she was her resilient abuela's y fuerte madre's blessed daughter. As a proud Latina; she grew up passionate about life and cooking almost as much as she loved to crEATe, sing and write!

MahJ was working full time at SaksFifthAve (yummy employee cafeteria btw) dressing rich men for a living. Most shifts, she'd sneak away to her #Gucci for men stockroom to snack and work on her songs. On days off, she was at the Library of Performing Arts: editing, typing, researching & copyrighting her songs whilst going practically bankrupt eating out exploring & snapping the UWS where she lived when first meeting MidtownKing.

*(OMG, when Le Pain Quotidien arrived next to the famous Dakota landmark where John Lennon once lived across from StrawberryFields; babe MahJ was there and it was heaven!)

She lived for exploring, capturing, singing and writing while working, falling in love, and of course EATING in the big city!

Eating she realized gave her the energy to SING, write, create, work, make moves, make love and also the glucose to make deans list while attending Brooklyn College. MahJ majored in Music after attending #TheBrooklynConservatoryOfMusic

So, young MahJ (m-ah-jay) would work all day, come home, feast then break night working on her songs. But she also suffered and hungered for her big dreams and always yummy food. Even when hospitalized with full blown pneumonia and a strict hospital diet...she; of course ate all the free healthy hospital food but also had her #magical sister sneak in KFC as well.

MidtownKing & MahJ's friendship turned into love and grew! Their tummies grew too and within two deliciously wonderful years together in Manhattan, they decided to move into Brooklyn together...

Brooklyn Bridge

Now, in Brooklyn, more food adventures were had+more picnics in the park. This time, Prospect Park.

When MidtownKing and his now foodancé (foodie fiancé; duh) moved into Brooklyn, all babe really cared about when choosing an apartment was the size of the kitchen. It immediately became the heart of their first home shared together.

Babe MahJ once again, head chef would blast her beloved SONY boombox on any & all music stations (Pandora too) and get to cooking up a storm to combat the storm always brewing within her.

She was always hungry it seemed for she was starving to figure out how to overcome and follow her huge dreams of becoming a music artist (Like her idols Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Celia Cruz, Beyonce and so many others).

But the 4 henchmen of her #PTSD: depression, fight mode, awful triggers, real anger issues left her depleted and lacking all confidence, audacity and on some really bad days; HOPE all together. But she had #food to #comfort her.

She was always eating for her mood disorder was always eating away at her. Causing awful depression, scary mood swings, dark horrifying thoughts and enough salty tears to house an ocean of fish...ya know for fish tacos, stews and paella. But MahJ trekked...cooked on. Music and MidtownKing's love fed her in ways depression and hunger couldn't.

And two years later when it got too expensive in NYC. MidtownKing & his songstress MahJ moved into their new #bedroomcommunity of Jersey City. The year was 2011! And three scrumptious years later; they were married in the heart of JC!

Fast forward, 7 years and a lot has changed...for the better! Great food, true love, continued faith along with her now 4 angels of purpose: Music*Adversity*Healing*Joy FEED her soul and give her the strength and confidence to cope. Simply to just “Keep on cooking! No matter how HOT the kitchen got!”

With their biggest kitchen yet, MidtownKing & MahJ now live in the city known for its trees; Bayonne NJ.

With the continued feasting & experiencing of pure deliciousness together to/fro Brooklyn, Manhattan, JerseyCity and now Bayonne: the B2Beblog was born.

With MahJ's passion for food, photography, poetry and her music, she knows exactly how to stay #INSPIRED in pursuing her dreams.

With thousands of food pics, hundreds of restaurant receipts and genuine reviews of most foods, scents, colors, presentations & venues experienced: MahJ has a scrumptiously unique, micro library of stories passionately and ravenously collected. And she's all stocked up and Ready & Willing (R.A.W) to feed her hungry fellow readers!

Today, MidtownKing still patiently waits as MahJ has her mini food shoots. And before feasting, he still takes a picture of her with their plate of INSPIRATION. And just like 10 years, always exclaims after putting the iPhone camera down to finally eat...

“What a BABE!”


City of Trees; Bayonne, NJ

And there you have it folks!

At present and 5 months since moving; MidtownKing & his B2Be have gained so much happy weight from running around the neighborhood of their new digs eating out, ordering in, frequenting the awesome farmer markets, cooking, meal prepping; falling in love & supporting their new community.

Now, for the sweetest part aka the dessert! Today, instead of sneaking away to snack and work oh her songs working for someone else-

MahJ (m-ah-jay) now lives to eat and sing full time as she writes, eats out, cooks, meal preps, hustles, travels, & captures food porn everyday. The best part she finally has the #essentialnutrients of confidence, audacity & hope to works on her songs as a recording and performing artist full-time too.

She created B2Be'sblog to capture her pure joy as means of INSPIRATION to reflect back on when writing, recording, singing, EATING and cooking. She also considers all of YOU out there sharing your own delicious journey as her INSPIRATIONS.

So she created this blog to #share her #buffet size #passion for ALL things #FOOD, #writing, #photography #music #nevergivingup! The whole #scrumptious experience for you all to #taste and #enjoy from so atlast...

Brooklyn to Bayonne

WELCOME to BROOKLYN2BAYONNEeats, events, entertainment, escapades, empowerment and experience aka the *B2Be'sblog!*

Where like your favorite 24hr diner we are always open & ready to #dish out all things #delectable and #deliciously experienced through out this #journey of chasing; wining & dining ones BIG dreams in the BIG cities of #Brooklyn #Manhattan #JerseyCity and #Bayonne.

Here at the B2Be'sblog, our mantra for LIFE, LOVE, FOOD & DREAMS are the same.⤵️ #FeastReleaseRepeat

and remember to...


Now, who's #hungry?🤤

<3 B2Be MahJ

(em-ah-jay) abbrv. MusicAdversityHealingJoy
MahJ ready to Feast-Release-Repeat!


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