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The Ultimate ‘What a B2Be!’ March-May

Updated: May 30, 2019

Momma bear and her PunkerS! 💚🐻

Happy Mothers Day/Month to all the 8th Wonders of the World B2Bes!

Speaking of Mothers Day Month of May...guess who is #B2Besblog #Ultimate #WhataB2Be March-May!???

B2Be's blog creator MahJ's very own Mother!

MahJ calls her Mom, Momma bear because she truly is the BEST, most fierce, protective, loving and just like honey; the sweetest Momma bear.

Let's get right into it ya'll!

First, sorry for leaving you babes hanging in March and April regarding our supposed monthly 'What a b2be' posts. But I had to do an ultimate for this woman right here and you will see exactly WHY! (Basically, she is ALL that and a bag of kettle chips)

MOMMA BEAR was born a March babe. ALSO, she gave birth to MahJ in March so duh, March shall always be Momma bear's month slot.

But I also wanted to celebrate this deliciously amazing woman as a Mother in May as well so I was stuck between two separate month entries or should I say ENTREES. I couldn't decide at first but at last..

B2Be's blog presents the Ultimate "What a B2BE!' of months March thru May

Serving up a buffet worthy woman from BK to BayBae-March through May. Let us lucky foodies feast so let's DIG IN!

BORN Esther Hernandez, MARCH 31st IN BROOKLYN, NY by two fierce Puerto Rican immigrants; Momma bear was the first born of four.

So, of course years later, she would become the #SoulFood of the family; cooking up all holidays and more inspiring most Sundays in keeping the family together and connected.

Sunday dinners back in Bay Ridge, BK when my sister and I were in our teens/early 20's but before we were even born this beautiful in and out Brooklynite was 100% a NYC city Girl. And of course she fell in love with another Brooklynite and had my sister and I. But back to this babe!

Her first career was in Manhattan. Which she loved and thrived. She was a beast for her kids! Much like a kickass Mother bear and her cubs. (See how the name came to be?)

So living in Brooklyn and working in Manhattan meant commuting for this babe. She LOVED to walk and had the best looking stems from Brooklyn 2 Bayonne easy!

Loving to walk, work and support her girls as a single Mother; she also LOVED to cook and check out the undeniable food scene within NYC with her girls. Despite working full-time in her 20's, raising two wild girls by herself in Sunset and Bayridge BK; she still ventured out to Manhattan city during the weekend. With her daughters in tow in hoping to create lasting memories that she felt would inspire us, help us become hungry and ambitious but filled with fun and gratitude.

Whether #CentralPark, the #museums, Tower records, Empire State Building, #Macy's during the #holidays. Us three ladies aka #TheThreeMusketeers (love candy+movie by same name) would spend Saturdays commuting on the MTA, exploring. playing. eating; living in NYC.

Feasting at hot dogs stands for the timeless water dogs whether at GreyPopayay's. Nathan's or the classic #Sabrett's hot dog stand. And during the warmer weather always a stop at the icecream truck for 3 cones. Till this day, Momma bear cannot resist stopping at the first ice cream truck she sees when back in NYC/JC. It's seriously the cutest most precious thing ya'll! <3

Now, on Saturdays when commuting to Manhattan was too much, she would take us to #Brooklyn Heights to the still inspiring af promenade.

For more delicious memories but this time rollerblading, #burgers and ice cream!

*FUN FACT: Did y'all babes know #HaagenDaaz built its first USA location in Brooklyn Heights? Yup, and that is where she spoiled us. and when we were really hungry, she treated us to cheeseburgers and fries at the still standing and YUM Grand Canyon burgers restaurant.

BEST Saturdays ever!

On Sundays, we'd go to church. Shout out to St. Michaels and OLPH! lol

After church was all about the #PIZZA babes! Some of the best pizzerias come from Brooklyn. And we had the home advantage.

After church it was small talk then walks on 5th ave for lunch.

Oh man, there were Charles pizzeria, John's, Johnny's pizza, Pizza Masters; ya name it. We ate it! My favorite was a plain slice and a Jamaican beef patty with cheese! YUM!

And when Momma bear was feeling extra hungry with her girls, it was a diner!

There was George's #Diner, Seebode's (no longer there) or a number of Spanish restaurant spots including cuchifritos. But these feasts are for other scrumptious blog posts.

Back to Momma bear!

Think of this Ultimate Babe as the Mother of Dragons...

Ala #GOT #GameofThrones. In which, she is queen; highly compassionate, fierce, intelligent, beautiful, a lot on her plate, undeterred in her quest and a true born; divine COOK. And her three dragons are *Breakfast, *Lunch and *Dinner!

Momma bear can #COOK yall! She is one of the BEST, most passionate and talented cooks I know. Also, a true bonafide foodie first and foremost. Check it!

Monday-Thursday she would throw down in the kitchen for dinner. Sometimes 2 different meals depending on the consensus, and on Fridays she was celebrating by ordering take out for KFC, White Castle, Taco bells, Chinese Food or McDonalds yo! BEST MOTHER EVER! She know how to cook up and bring home the Happy meals for real.

And on the weekends when she made us BREAKFAST! Before any NYC escapades or Sunday prayers took place.

Wow, Momma bear! What a BaBe!

Born to kick some major ass, take names, raise two magical/creative loving legacies all being a single mother fighting her own PTSD, trauma, anxiety and depression. Remember, when I first launched B2besblog and shared a little of my journey how MUSIC and FOOD saved me. Well, save to say food, cooking and us saved Momma bear. And you can find her now in North Carolina cooking up some delectable creations in her now DREAM kitchen and home she designed and built from the ground up! YOU GO GIRL! Also...


With this Ultimate Babe!

We are dishing out 3 Yummy in Our Tummy "dragons"


Who’s hungry!?

MARCH/ Breakfast (Brunch) 🥞🍳☕️

*Momma bear's weekend egg frittata+golden buttery pancakes 🥞

APRIL/ Lunch 🍔🍟🥤🌇🌉

*Habachi + Hamburgers in Brooklyn*

One of my yummiest memories was went both my sister and I turned 13 years (separate years), she took us for our first Hibachi dining #experience.

A spot called Arirang's #Habachi Steakhouse in Bayridge, Brooklyn where we also experience our first #mocktails of virgin #PinaColandas and #Daiquiris. Which were so good but nothing compared to this awesome chef preparing your food from raw to cooked fresh right before your #hungry eyes! All while, performing neat food drinks of fiery onion volcanos, pumping rice hearts, little plastic dolls that pee cooking oil upon an open hot grill the guest sit around. Omgoodness, my first ginger citrus salad dressing experience, miso soup, mocktail, and food performance! My magical sister is older than me...

so for a young foodie to be like me, it was amazing rice balls yo!

Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse

8814 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

(718) 238-9880

MAY/ Dinner

*We present Momma bear FAMOUS STUFFED SHELLS 🍝🥟🧀

STAY•Hungry•Filled•INSPIRED #B2Bes!

@B2Besblog Instagram/Twitter/FB/Pinterest

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