Pizza🍕Party 1.0


Check out the Pizza🍕Party video here⤴️


Midtownking and B2Bes first date was at a PIZZERIA in NYC. 10/13/2008.😲

Within the 50s next to SaksFifthAve on Madison.

It was a nice day and with both of us being from NYC, pizza was a sure thing for an unsure first date.

(I had salad 🥗 though! 😮)

Now, B2Be being the Brooklyn gal. She grew up eating the best!

Charley’s Pizzeria, Johns Pizzeria, PizzaMasters all on 5th ave (Brooklyn, Sunset Park)

Pizza Hut was one of her fondest school trips memories when in 4th grade because not only did they get their own personal pizzas; they also learn how to make pizzas! 👩🏽‍🍳

Fast forward to 24th grade now 😂’s safe to say Brooklyn still has the BEST pizza! Manhattan after, Jersey City then Bayonne! For this B2Be at least!

So starting from thee first you see via #B2Bes #ScrumptiousFilms Pizza🍕Party 1.0

1. Leftover zucchini pizza made custom by ...

adding fresh scallions from herb garden and parmesan cheese. From 3 Brothers Pizza, Bayonne NJ

2. San Vitos and their Neopolitan Pizza

Bayonne NJ


3. Two Boots Pizza from JerseyCity

(our first being one Hells Kitchen NYC a decade before)

(they appear twice in this party)

“Slice of the party award goes to...”THEM 🥳


4. Next Spinach Pie (I know...why? Answer: Popeye! that’s why!) from 3 Brothers

5. Margarita pizza 🍕 @Hudson & Co

Jersey City (they have also have sushi 🍣😋)

6. Best sports bar pie at Kuhls a large mushroom 🍄 Bayonne NJ

7. New Year 2019: mushroom and Olives from Mikes Pizzeria, Bayonne NJ

(they also have a really good chicken soup!)

8. Their classic, and our favorite margarita from their gorgeous event space of Da Vinci Room via MonaLisa Pizzeria in Bayonne NJ


Look how happy I look sticking that bad boy in my mouth! YUM!😍😋🤓

**PLEASE note Bayonne, NJ was the star of this Pizza🍕Party of 8/18-1/19 for we moved here May, 2018 and so basically found a NJ version of Staten Island in regards to Bayonne NJ being a huge Italiano bedroom community for us foodies in love!

But b2be has thousands of #FoodPorn worthy pizza pictures from BK & NYC circa 2009-2018 so get ready for a lot more PIZZA🍕PARTIES to come! Perhaps one every month? 🥳

🐭🧀Take that ChuckE.Cheese!

Check out the scrumptious pizza film again here⤵️

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Any of these places?

Are you crust eater!? (I won’t tell:•.D


Feast On ya later b2bes!

Till then #StayHungryFilledINSPIRED