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Happy Anniversary BayBae 😋🌉🌳

Updated: May 13, 2019

Midtownking & MahJ make a year living in Bayonne soon 5.18.19 and we have happily gained weight and spent our savings on all the deliciousness.

Eventhough we been feasting in Bayonne for over 3 years while living and feasting it up in JC.

*Enjoy these 3 slideshow galleries of Bayonne NJ deliciousness 😋💚📸


Bayonne NJ for us has been the last piece of the puzzle that is now #B2Besblog #Brooklyn2BayonneEATS•events•entertainment•escapades•empowerment•enrichingExperiece.

Just needed and wanted to share a huge THANK YOU to this wonderful community and all the beyond yummy Mom and Pop shops and restaurants Who have embraced and fed up in so many inspiring ways up

😋💚♾ On May 18, 2018 Babe MahJ and her Midtownking moved to #Bayonne where we happily #gained#weight and most importantly gained a new #wonderful #community while spent our savings on said gain weight ala Bayonne’s endless supply of DELICIOUSNESS. Huge THANK YOU to the @thecityofbayonne for embracing us and keeping this songstress, songwriter, writer, photographer, artist; human and her jolly hardworking muse and feeder @midtownking300 •Hungry•Filled•INSPIRED 😋💚♾ without YOU there is no #Brooklyn2BayonneEs/#B2Besblog 💚📸🌳

From Brooklyn, Manhattan, JerseyCity, Hoboken and now our new home in Bayonne; THANK YOU endlessly for absolutely keeping this songstress, bonafode foodie, photographer, writer, and happy hungry couple...

•Hungry•Filled•INSPIRED! 😋💚♾

I truly hope I can give a little sliver of it back to this wonderful city of Bayonne which I lovingly call BayBae aka famously known back in the day as CityOfTrees. 💚🌉🌳





*All pics taken by B2Besblog creator MahJ under ©️ and all deliciousness was enjoyed in Bayonne NJ


#StayTUNED for a 12 month #B2BesBlog in #BayonneNJ #BlogPost including a full #YouTube video #highlighting and #celebrating the wonderful and beyond DELICIOUS City of Trees that is BayonneNJ and this B2Bes BayBae 😋💚♾


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