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“What a B2Be!” February

ScrumptiousFilm here ⤵️

I met Maria Molina at a IAM goddess event

Back in the summer 2018 in #JerseyCity where she was currently residing then.

She’s a cool inspiring mother of precious twins and an entrepreneur/business owner as legit healer, reiki master, crystal jewelry maker, teacher and creator of a line of healing products and services #FlowerMagick🌿

And even though I showered that very morning and felt fresh to death for one of my favorite events in Jersey City, she had me listening and taking notes as she talked about baths!

Baths? I barely have the time, energy and interest for showers. And now this beautiful stranger was teaching a room full of goddesses about her spiritual bath salt rituals and healing components. I knew I had to introduce myself to her after the main events.

Babes! Maria has such a beyond lovely energy and disposition. So when I first met her, I knew I wanted to learn more about her. And I’m so blessful I did!

After exploring her website I knew she was an inspiring force.

So I started following her healing business on Instagram

....Safe to say, I am now a proud and happy patron of #FlowerMagick from her bath salts, magick Florida water (check out her website for what exactly this magical spray is), her crystal lip balm, and my newest addition her FlowerMagick ‘Bella’ facial oil.

There’s so much more I want and need! 🤤 And they make great; loving gifts!

Love her products, her clear passion and her undeniable expertise for what only this goddess can do.

Best believe we met up for tea to talk more about our amazing journeys. And boy oh boy, does she know her stuff and left me feeling #empowered #safe #awoken and #Hungry #Filled and #INSPIRED 🙌🏽💚 to continue in y #journey to truly stay the course,

#write, embrace and bask in my real #powers of healing myself and others through writing.

But she knew without knowing I was a songwriter/poetess. Fun fact: I been writing songs since I was 11 years old. 🙌🏽👁‍🗨

( 🎶♥️©️

Lighter yet filled with real light , I left TeaNJ: a great vegan, TEA cafe, art gallery in Jersey City btw 🌯🥙🍵🍰🖼

Filled with #tea but also a #beyond #powerful #unexpected #reading and my first bag of fabulous #FlowerMagick tools.

That’s when I started following her personal page

Now, as a bonafide foodie-you can imagine my sheer delight and cheer when I started seeing #educational #inspiring #food and #vegan #posts on her both her pages.

Food can absolutely HEAL afterall 🌱

...and this #B2Be loves trying new delicious nourishment and trying different yummy renditions of her favs. So when I saw her #VeganMacAndCheese I knew I wanted to share her all encompassing magic with my #inspirations ...that’s all #YOU by the way incase you forget. 💚

So without further ado B2Bes here is Maria’s sure to be ‘da bomb’ vegan Mac and cheese recipe. ⤵

(Check out slide show gallery at end of Blog as well)

*Go and make this healing, easy and family favorite. I mean if 2 pre teen twins love it then it’s a sure thang! 😋🙌🏽

If you do, omg I would love to see how it turned out! Please #FOLLOW and tag me with #hashtag ➡️ #WhataB2Be & #B2Besblog 💚

As always, #StayHungryFilledINSPIRED! Now let’s #FeastReleaseRepeat with this magical vegan dish! 😋



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