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B2BEmpower: Hairy Situation

“No hairy situations here!”

I'm grateful for being a hairy wooly beast yet know I can wax, shave, laser wherever the hell I see fit.

PLUS, the time AND money this hairy b2be saves from waxing, shaving, and keeping up with a weird societal standard the more money and time I have to Feast, travel, Feast some more which directly INSPIRES me to write more songs, poetry and 100% inspires back me to not start shaving or waxing again anytime soon!

And to Y😋U smooth silky B2Bes who do invest time and guac to the cause; YOU GO GIRLs & BOYs! Cause if it makes you happy and empowers you that’s all that matters!

More B2Be...m...POWER to YOU!

Remember; here at B2Be’s blog we celebrate our ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Michelin mantra!

“Different Dips; Different Chips!”©️MahJ

The best party mix…the most delish! <3


**THANK YOU for taking the time out to get out there and


B2Be’s MahJ





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