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The ABC’s of “Finer”Dining...

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

(in my personal experience:-.)

Arrive 20 minutes before your rsvp and go the bar

Banter Up/Befriend Bartender (they will let you know the best table, server, seasonal drinks to pair with their fav menu items or the most praised/popular items and most importantly find out who is the GM (general manager) and their name. So they can introduce you and you can.

Compliment them on your first drink, the friendly bartender; introduce yourself as a new diner and let them know how excited you are for you meal/experience

+CA$H out as soon as drink arrives and leave a good cash tip for the scoop before you

Dine with ease, merriment and insight thanks to your two new friends.

Enjoy your delicious Experience b2be!

Find out the waiters name and their favorite bartender/drink/menu items

Get over yourself and surrender to the deliciousness-gush over you delectable dish (also Google Review as soon as possible after last course while you're still at restaurant and our vivid honest experience is still fresh)

Have them suggest a dessert favorite or their most popular dessert item

Indulge in your #SweetSurrender

Joke around if ya can! Laughter is always appreciated from within your party and staff alike (We are all humans after all and most likely Fine Dining staff are the best of the best and are personally driven, passionate and open)

Keep addressing staff by their names and watch how the freebies KEEP coming! this point you are hopefully thoroughly enjoying your meal and the staff is thoroughly enjoying you so naturally, they shower you with an additional glass of wine and or dessert. If so, go ahead and order that...

Latte or Cappuccino decaf? Or Limoncello with dessert!

Make more small talk with server or better yet the GM if and when they come around. If you also new to the area or visiting city, they can share their personal favs or a list of hot spots and even personal referrals

Non react to tipsy neighbors OR better yet; exchange NICETIES with table next to you. Was their food amazing as well? (#EnrichingExperience remember)

Over tip 20% for good service, 25% for great (if they catered to you as they should and always include any/all freebies in tip)

Pay as you see fit and keep receipt as souvenir (TIP in CA$H if ya can)

Question what you should order next time you have the opportunity to dine there or what their next season looks like.

Restroom tour/check. Never leave with an empty stomach or full bladder


Thank all your new food-friends

*Understand fine dining is not about ego, trying to look or act the part or how expensive your meal was BUT the true delectable⤵️

Value of you multi-course masterpiece

Walk away with a lot less💲💸 but still hungry for more, truly filled and inspired!

X,Y,Z-POST YOUR #FoodPorn pics of your finer dining experience PLEASE!

#StayTuned for a list of finer dining gems from #Brooklyn2BayonneEs


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