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“What a B2Be!”

Welcome to our monthly “What a Babe!”

Every month #B2Besblog shall be spotlighting an INSPIRING fellow foodie babe she is blessed to know and their DELICIOUS recipes!

(With recipes, pictures, videos, B2Be’s blog own MahJ inspired recreation for all babes around the land to feast their eyes on then recreate for their fellow foodie Babes!)



“What a B2Be”

is MahJ‘s dear childhood friend Vanessa Erazo!

...and her first+successful homemade chili🌶


This fellow foodie loves to cook, #FeastReleaseRepeat as a full time working mother of two precious girls, baby sister out of 3, a beloved daughter, a cherished childhood inspiration and of course an


Brooklyn NYC!

Cooking up a storm with the passion, skills and sabor of a true goddess who is proud of her roots as a Latina but always adventurous in trying new deliciousness! I know her daughters and sisters look up to her because this B2Be absolutely does!

Can‘t wait to visit you babe and have coffee con pan with you. 💚

You can find this babe on Instagram⤵️

(named after & in honor of her angel of a papi Angel Erazo who we all know is shining down and so freaking proud! Cheers ☕️ to a great man and father raising you right. And to YOU babe Vanessa! For creating delicious homemade meals that absolutely delight! 🙌🏽💚)


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