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Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Have BIG dreams while living in the BIG city B2be?

Perhaps a BIG to do-list or semester ahead that rivals your BIG appetite for LIFE and all its deliciousness?

Hmmmm maybe you have a BIG performance coming up with BIG notes/moves to hit?

If you BIG travel or projects plans with the goal to have a BIG budget to match?

Better yet! Have a BIG beautiful growing family and a BUSY af week ahead?

Or maybe just a BIG ass hangover from your amazing birthday weekend or from that amazing charity event with that BIG open bar...

if you have anything BIG; inspiring going on this SMOOTHIE is for YOU!

“In life, much like SMOOTHIES. You get out what YOU put in. And when the stuff makes your body happy; you can't be sad sipping on a smoothie”

STAY TUNED for debut of B2Be's blog official SMOOTHIE and its recipe...

this baby fuels us to take off to Brooklyn, Manhattan, Jersey City and Bayonne to SHARE our newly discovered favs and go to favorite spots.

Here it is:

Have a Smooth Day! Don't forget to

MahJ sipping on inspiration to share with you
Friendly Reminder 2 StayHydrated as you FEAST-RELEASE-REPEAT


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