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Lunch Date With Dates -MahJ

Yesterday, I had a date with dates

A lunch date with me, myself and I

And I ate:

Ridged siracha honey chips from Big Lots

And a travel packet of big juicy dates from Home Goods.

They were so good!

I started talking to them.

Learned where they came from

Told them I’m a Brooklynite; from the hood

Smiled and continued to eat them slowly

Disclosed to them, how I was a little under the weather and somewhat lonely.

They felt the opposite

Always packed in their space together

No time to be an individual date...

To be prized and savored solo

On an appreciated plate.

Since the beginning of time, they were stuck together

On the same damn bush

Surrounded by the same overshadowing trees

I frowned, told them I understood and that I was so sorry.

They said, “it’s fine. It is what it is”.

I then, grabbed the last two and stopped at my lips

As if about to kiss them;

I thanked them for their time...

“Thank you for keeping me company with your squishy texture, rich taste, wrinkled faces and flavor sublime.”


Once all the food was eaten

I realized my lucky fate.

I kind of, just had

An unofficial date; a light healthy lunch date with dates!


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