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Cocktail or Mocktail?

Hola Inspirations! Let’s have a drink and cheers to the mf weekend...

These beauties are called the

OneXandOnly & Skyliner(right)

Can you tell which one is the virgin?

p.s. Valentina was the sweetest!

RoofTop Exchange Place JC

Drinking is definitely an all American past time (especially during the Prohibition:-)

Everybody drinks!

But is drinking alcohol necessary to have a good time? Or to unwind after a long week? Maybe celebrate a marriage, get the creative juices flowing or the romance possibly escalating?

For me; ABSOLUTELY baby!

This songstress 100% appreciates a nice glass of red wine or jack & honey straight before most of my performances.

For my bigger better hairier half though...absolutely not. (And that’s so hot!)

Being married to a truly incredible man who makes me feel drunk off love has never had an alcoholic drink in his life.

So when go out to the bar. It’s all about the cocktails for me and the mocktails for handsome he. Indeed!

Mocktail for me today! At the awesome

PiggyBackBarJC 🐷

I ordered a ‘Virgin Desparate Housewife’ lmao! It was so good y’all. :•.D

This salted kiwi margarita tasted like our Cancun Mexico vacation+ an equally tropical kiwi mocktail.

Melina makes the best ones! Ask for her!

AppleBess 440 JC

This divine white sangria from LibertyHouseRestaurantJC was WOW! Their cocktail menu is superb and their brunch ain’t too shabby either. ♥️ed the live band!

These drinks at BoxCarBarArcade Downtown Greensboro we’re so much fun!

For every drink you ordered; you’d get 2 tokens for the fully supplied arcade of your video game dreams

One is bigger yet less expensive and the other was FUNtastic!

So whether you are pregnant, a recovering alcoholic, Muslim or just too broke to afford a cocktail; mocktails are the way to go. You can still sit at the bar, experience creative seasonal drinks and make fun of your drunk friend the next day when they have a massive hangover and empty wallet!

Just make sure to always tip your bartender.

Now, if you’re the bartender with all your flirty patrons trying to order you drinks (this songstress has been there) in which mock shots are the way to go. You will make more tips, not offend your drunk customers and get to brush up on your acting ‘tipsy’ skills

Bottoms up b2bes!

all photos by MahJ

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